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North Vintage Wholesale offers a variety of vintage fleece, which ranges from men's vintage fleece to vintage fleece jackets, among many other fleece textiles.VINTAGE FLEECE


We are a top-class store that deals with the sale of many fleeces wear in many countries worldwide.

Fleece is a kind of clothing that looks extra good for you if you decide to wear. We have the best ones suited perfectly for you. Your clothing taste would not bypass Vintage fleece when you come across many of the high-quality fleece we have in our collection. We offer top-notch vintage fleece at affordable prices. We have them to fit any gender, in sizes, and you would love to have it in any dimension. They're surplus and are in many tiers of design, which would make you look good and friendly and increase attractiveness.

Our products consist of top-notch designs that are well-stocked, and there are styles specially made to suit our clients' choices. Those are:

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger fleece: Hilfiger has got top-notch vintage Hilfiger fleeces for you. Vintage Tommy Hilfiger fleece comes in various forms, and we have them available in abundance for you at affordable prices. We have them in different sizes, colors, and patterns. We have those of the 90s as well as many others. Check out our catalog to make your order as suited to your choice.

Vintage Nike fleece: Nike has got many amazing carefully-designed fleeces that are made in abundance for you to rock and at affordable prices. We get them in bulk and distribute them widely to the consumers of our top-notch vintage Nike fleeces. Check out the store to make your order for vintage fleeces that would make you stand out wherever you find yourself. We have them in various colors and designs.

Vintage fila fleece: Vintage fila fleece is another top-notch product we have to offer to you. We have them in various styles and colors, also in different patterns and sizes, perfect enough to satisfy your urge in your selection process. Check out our store for high quality and affordable vintage fila fleeces.

Vintage Adidas fleece jacket: You love Adidas wears? Here is another product for you to don and showcase. Vintage Adidas fleece jackets are of high quality and are in various patterns that would absorb the perfect fashion wizardry into you. We have them on our stock, in various colors, in various sizes and for men and women, so check out our catalog and make the right choice.

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