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North Vintage wholesale specializes in the sale of vintage jumpers. VINTAGE JUMPERSWe are here to bring to you comfy jumpers that would suit your choice perfectly. We have them in abundance, and we have various special designs in our catalog.


You can get many high-quality vintage clothing jumpers and vintage jumpers online by checking out many of the crackerjack items that we have in store for you.

We also have many vintage branded jumpers for you that you can try out. Some of them are:

Vintage Nike jumper: Jumpers are noteworthy wears, and Nike has produced many vintage ones that can suit any style you want. We have a collection of the most fashion-adorned vintage Nike jumpers in our stock.

Vintage Adidas jumper: We have in our catalog many of the best Adidas jumpers you would want to wear in making you look nice. They are classic and high-quality fabrics, and you can shop from our store as we have abundant stylish and unique Adidas wears.

Vintage Jumpers Men: Vintage jumpers for men are available in abundance in our store. You can shop in our store for many unique vintage jumpers that would suit your style perfectly as a man.

Vintage Tommy Hilfiger jumper: Great vintage jumpers from Tommy Hilfiger are available in our stock. Hilfiger lovers should do well to check out our catalog as abundant unique wears that would suit your taste are not left behind.

Vintage Jumpers Women: Would you like to wear vintage jumpers that blend to your skin tone? Then don't look for ahead; we've got you covered. Shop for vintage jumpers in our store. We offer high quality and comfy vintage jumpers which would stand you out among many other women. Our jumper's uniqueness is second to none, do well to check our catalog and shop for it.

Vintage champion jumper: Shop for champion jumpers on our store. We have affordable and cheap but quality vintage champion jumpers that would make you look stunning irrespective of the weather, location, or any factor. We have them in various colors and styles, so check them out and shop the ones suited for you the most.

Vintage fila jumper: Fila is a consistent, unique vintage jumper maker with all styles to suit your choice and make you attracted to people. Shop for as many as you want in our store and get them at the best rates.

Vintage 90s jumper men: Get quality and cheap 90s jumpers for men at affordable prices. Check through our catalog to view many top-notch designs in abundance that we have in stock for you.