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Fashion Wool Jacket Bale

Mixture of Women's Wool Jackets 

45KG - Approximately £1 Per KG

Sizing: XS-XXXL

Grade: A & B

Please note the images show a fair representation of styles/brands across this category. You will not receive the exact items as shown in the pictures, but similar styles/brands to the examples seen. Bale labels/tags titles may vary as these change seasonally and with different factories but the product will remain the same. 

There is no guarantee of what you will find inside these bales. These bales are imported directly from our partnered factories and are completely untouched. Ratios of styles/sizes/eras/designs all vary between bale to bale, but at the low price per point, these are great guaranteed profit makers for scaling your businesses and hence our best sellers. Please take a look at some of these reviews from our customers across our platforms. 

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